Food for Health, Food for Enjoyment

Farm Organic Cuisine dishes are created by a nutritionist, an herbalist and a physician to offer what food is meant to be. We offer naked cuisine without MSG, chemical salt, or artificial ingredients. You can enjoy food as nature intends. Our unique menu offers dishes that are both familiar and innovative, exciting to your taste buds and nourishing to your body. We strive to appeal to local customers' tastes as well as help you customize your meal according to your health needs.

Some Highlights of our Menu:

Jidori Chicken
Jidori Chicken is a free-range, hormone-free chicken known for its firm texture and fuller flavor. The chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet including clover, tomatoes, and apples. They are not frozen and delivered the same day to ensure freshness. We prepare our Jidori chicken in several styles: baked with seasoned sea salt, spicy ginger, and Hainan (whole chicken is gently poached in broth).

Organic Vegetarian
We make every effort to source and serve organic and local produce when available. Our salads and soups are rich in color and nutrients. Look for brown rice options and Mu-er ("wood ear"), which is said to benefit several of the body's systems, especially the circulatory system.

Beef and Pork
Our beef is grass-fed, when available. We serve pork from the black-hair, Organic Berkshire breed of pork.

Our deep-sea salmon is sourced from the US or Canada. Jellyfish is a lean source of calcium, protein and collagen. Sea cucumber boasts several health benefits including anti-coagulation, anti-inflammatory, and speeds up wound healing.

Please ask for our specialized menu for diabetes, hypertension, and high LDL cholesterol.