Important Announcement from the Farm Organic Cuisine Team:

The Farm Organic Cuisine team would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the last 4 years. We have enjoyed getting to know our customers, local and visitors from afar, who look for the best organic foods. At this time, we face the challenge of keeping our restaurant running while bringing high quality, fresh organic foods to Monterey Park without surrendering to lower food costs and quality. Although we have fantastic customers who return and support our business, we have decided to take a short break, as we are unable to remain open at such a high operating cost.

Nevertheless, we are looking to relocate where we will be more visible to our community and provide a better space for our customers. We are also looking for hands-on partners who believe in bringing the best quality foods to our local community! With the right location and an active, caring team, we expect to return to providing the best organic food for all of our customers. If you are interested, please email Grace at

Thank you for all the support. We hope to see you all soon! 

Management of Farm Organic Cuisine


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